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Software features


At bwin.es we believe our poker room is the most player focused and easy to use you can find. We are constantly reviewing and updating our software to ensure you have the best time you can have playing on our tables.

Here you can find out what great new features and innovations we've added to our tables and software as well as the hundreds of options you have avaliable to create your prefect poker experience.


Find your games quick and easy

Here are some of our latest features making it a lot easier for you to find a game that you like.


Customize your client

See some of the many ways you can optimize our client to suit your needs.


Multi-table efficiently

Take a look at what we've done to make your multi table experience really efficient.

Tournament Features

Late registration

Late registration is great for those who sometimes lose track of time and enables you to get involved in a tournament even after the tournament has already begun.

bwin.es offers some tournaments with late registration up to 6 levels into the tournament, with late registration remaining open even if some players have been knocked out.

Synchronized breaks

Synchronized breaks begin at 55 minutes past every hour for five minutes. The five-minute break will begin when all hands for each tournament end, For example, if a tournament starts at 21:10 (GMT +2), the tournament clock will stop at 21:55 (GMT +2) but all hands currently being played must be completed before the break actually begins. The tournament break counter then ticks down for five minutes and the tournament again resumes as soon as the five minutes elapses. The next Synchronized Break will take place at 22:55 (GMT +2).

The concept of synchronized breaks allows you to play more than one Multi-Table Tournament by providing that valuable break every hour across all tournaments.

Synchronized breaks will not happen in the following instances:

  • If Turbo tournaments haven’t yet passed the first two blind levels
  • If the tournament hasn’t yet passed the first blind level
  • If tournaments are running but still open for registration

Please note the following when taking part in rebuy or add-on tournaments:

  • In the cases of rebuy and add-on tournaments, there will be a one-minute break after the rebuy period for add-ons.
  • In the cases of rebuy tournaments without any add-ons, there will be a 30 second break at the end of the rebuy period for anyone to make final rebuys.

Now you can take advantage of the breaks during your extended tournament session. Even when you're playing in more than one Multi-Table Tournament, synchronized breaks will let you take time out without missing any of the action.

Tournament Euro

bwin.es is using Tournament Euro (T€). If you win multiple entries to tournaments, any extra entries will be exchanged for Tournament Euro which you can use to buy-in to any real- money or Sit & Go tournaments (Except Heads-up STTs).

Heads-up Tournaments

A heads-up tournament consists of tables with two players per table. The players on each table play against each other (heads up) until a there is a winner. The winners then progress to further rounds to play more games until there is an overall winner.

Table Features

Time Banks

Time Banks are now available in ring games

Bet slider configuration

We're introducing an improved 'Bet slider' feature on our no-limit Texas Hold'em tables to make it easier than ever to bet the amount you want. You now have the option to select one of three different types of bet slider. Take a look at them in the 'Bet slider' area under 'Table options'.

They are:

  • The classic linear slider: this is the default setting. The midway point in the slider is the mid-point of your table balance.
  • Midway: with this option, the pot size is the midway point in the slider.
  • Exponential: choose this and the slider will rapidly increase to match your table balance.

Statistics overhaul

Track your performance in more detail with our newly-updated statistics. You can now track you performance by table-type and game-type.

We provide you with more detail at every stage of a hand.

Your actions: we allow you to track where you fold, check, call, raise and re-raise. during the hands of your total games played. We also show you where you fold as a percentage of your hands played.

The final section displays a summary of your win percentage showing where and how you win. Statistics can be reset at any time, statistics will be tracked from the last time the statistic where reset.

Hand History Replayer

Reviewing your past hands is now more exciting thanks to the Hand History Replayer, which instantly lets you look back at all the action just as it happened at the table.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The bwin.es poker client has a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts that will make playing poker with us a breeze. You can fold, check, call, bet and raise without having to move your mouse. You can also use shortcuts to select an action in advance or to act when it's your turn, just like you can when using the table buttons.

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Universal sit-out

A new software feature that allows players to sit out at all cash game tables at the same time when they want to take a break. Players will be able to finish their hands on all tables but will then be sat out across the board. Apart from making sitting out of all cash games easier, this feature will also stop players from abusing our system by occupying vast amounts of tables in order to only play against certain opponents under specific conditions.

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Lobby Features

Multi-monitor support

Multi-monitor support is now available, meaning multi-tabling has become even easier to manage.

Quick Seat

You can now get into the action faster than ever by using our Quick Seat feature.

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